Facebook, 106-109 Facebook Fan pages, 262 fashion, winning apps, 27 feature improvements, 264 financial information, marketing plans, 246 Fishin' 2 Go, 108 Flurry Analytics, 222-223

focus, marketing plans, 244 app's functionality, 244 financial information, 246 prices, 245 promotions, 245 focusing on target markets, 231 forums, 263 free apps, 187-188 ads, 195-198

building a following, 190-191 building at the same time as paid apps, 191-194 changing from paid, 198 competing against, 143-144 be better, 144 be found, 144 be intuitive, 14S better graphics, 14S customer service, 146 documentation, 14S go viral, 146 technical support, 14S free samples, 214

free versions of apps, offering, 148-149 functionality, apps, 244 funding, obtaining, 233

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