Do You Have What It Takes

The first step to writing your press release is to figure out who will write it. Do you have the writing skills necessary to produce persuasive and crisp copy that will move your audience into action? Do you want to learn how to do it? Or should you hire someone to handle this aspect of your marketing plan? Either approach is fine. The important thing is to make sure you end up with a quality press release.

If writing is not your forté, then it's best to find someone who can write the press release for you. Perhaps you know someone who is a good writer and can help you out. There are lots of writers in every city around the world. Preferably you'll want to locate someone who focuses on writing press releases. He or she will be able to produce the writing fairly quickly and in the format required for publication and distribution.

How much will you pay to have someone write a press release for you? You should plan to spend somewhere around $250 to $400 to get a professionally written press release. Be sure to ask the person you are considering hiring for some samples of his or her work and for some references. Also ask whether he or she has written Android app or similar press releases before.

If you have decided to take on writing the press release yourself, then read the next sections of this chapter to learn the nuts and bolts of writing a press release. You will want several people to review and proofread your press release before you send it to any online firm for distribution. Online press release sites also have editorial reviews before they allow your press release to be launched. They review it for relevance, appropriateness, formatting, and other criteria. It's a good thing that they review your press release before it goes out. They can often pinpoint errors and offer suggestions to make your press release a better read. They also have certain standards about how and where in the release you can use your website address and other contact information.

You only have a few seconds to attract your reader's attention. You need to figure out what's top in their minds and address that immediately in your headline so that you can attract the attention of the media, bloggers, and others. You must then point out in the first paragraph what your news is and how it will benefit the reader. The rest of your copy is in support of your headline and first paragraph. Boiling out the key elements of your app and why it's so important to the readers will try your writing skills like never before!

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