Develop Your Brand and Promote It Like Crazy

If you plan to develop more than one app (and you should), then you want to think about building a brand instead of just an app. Many young development companies are vying for a piece of the spotlight in the app development world and they are working diligently to build a brand. Here are some of the benefits of building a brand:

• A brand allows you to build a bigger following as you reach a larger audience of Android app users across multiple apps.

• A brand helps your company attract venture capital if you achieve success with a bestseller and desire to grow your company into a large-scale business.

• A brand allows you to cross-promote your apps across your user base.

• A brand allows you to concentrate development efforts where needed to efficiently produce your next best-selling app.

The best way to build a brand is to start before the release of your first app. You can develop your brand by designing the look and feel of your product website. Once you have established an identity for your brand, you can include elements of your brand (colors, font styles, graphics, and so on) into each of your apps. The carryover between your website brand and your apps does not need to be 100%, but it should include some elements so that subconsciously the buyers link your site to apps they see on the Android Market from your company. Here are two examples, shown in Figure 13.4 and Figure 13.5, of companies that have created a brand for their apps and are doing very well on the Android Market.

Another way to build your brand is to create a blog and start blogging about Android app development topics. You can build up a following for your brand even before you release any apps to the Android Market. Prior to launch of your first app you can generate buzz about it, which allows you to generate stronger sales when it is released.

Coheso has built a brand around a number of diet and carb counting

Figure 13.4


Figure 13.5 iHandy has built its brand around a number of free and paid apps, giving the company a strong presence in the Android and iPhone Markets.
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