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Far and away the biggest reason an app makes it into the top paid is because it's a great app. Hands down this is the biggest reason, and yet so many developers seem to discount this first recommendation. They say to themselves, "Of course I have a great app. It's the best app to ever hit the Android Market!" Then, they don't give it too much more thought. But, a rash decision to create the perfect app without really thinking it through could be your undoing. Consider the following hard questions before you start development on your app:

• Are people really going to be interested in the app you are going to write?

• Have you floated your idea to a small group of trusted friends or business partners?

• Will someone be willing to pay for the app you are going write?

• Are you so confident in your app that you will bet your whole reputation on releasing it?

• Are you prepared to work nights/weekends/holidays, whatever it takes, to ensure the highest quality app gets produced?

• Are you prepared to take criticism and blunt appraisals about your app?

If you can honestly answer these questions with a "yes," then read on. As they say, you may have what it takes to get your app into the top paid for your app's category.

If you are creating a game, it must be exciting, fun, addictive, and simple. Not an easy feat. Spend some time on the Android Market familiarizing yourself with the best-selling free and paid apps. Spend a few bucks and download the most popular games in your category and really study them to understand why they are so popular. You really have to pick apart the app to understand how it ticks and why it's so appealing to so many people.

Figure 13.1 shows one of the most popular Android game apps—Robo Defense—at the time of this writing This app has a few key ingredients to a very successful app. First, it has mass appeal because nearly everyone likes to play games. Second, it has multiple levels of play, which is always a requirement when building a best-selling game. Third, there are a number of games that use the same "tower" concept and the buyers of this game already how this type of game is played. Fourth, the product is well written and has "stickiness," meaning that users enjoy using the app over and over again.

Figure 13.1 The number one selling game app Robo Defense has many key ingredients required for a top selling app.

H Note

Build your app with an eye toward television. When you are designing and building your app, try to envision your app being selected for a TV commercial. The quality of such an app would have to be of the highest caliber and the usability superb. Setting the bar this high will help position your app with the greatest possibility for success even though it will probably never be showcased in a commercial.

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