Deliver New Features

Winning apps require frequent feature updates. If you don't keep the app updated, your audience will lose interest in your app and will quit coming to your product website. You must look at your app as a dynamic product. Your app should be architected in such a way that you can easily add enhancements and updates.

Some developers have adopted the idea that they will increase their sales by doing an upgrade as fast as they can push it through. Figure 2.3 shows a snapshot of the first page of the Social Networking category of the Android Market if you search by the default (most recent) apps. If you click a number of these apps, you'll notice that some of them are updates to existing apps. Depending on the category, this percentage may be 30% or higher.

Figure 2.3 Some developers use frequent updates to keep their app refreshed and in front of their customers.

Each update also helps you address customer comments/suggestions/complaints and keeps your relationship with your customers intact. You can use each update to comment on how you are addressing customer recommendations and how you are listening to your customers. This helps you build a following of loyal users because they know they are being heard by you and you are addressing their concerns and suggestions.

If you have bugs that need to be resolved, these should be fixed right away. Do not wait because your customers may become discouraged and give you bad reviews. They may also comment on other blog posts, suggesting your app is not worth the money.

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