Defines a Strong Value Proposition

Your marketing plan should include a definition of your apps value proposition or key values. Remember this information is what you use to develop your Android Market and website copy and describes what your app does and why it's valuable to the customer. A strong value proposition takes some time and effort to develop. You want to make sure you have this written down as a key point in your marketing plan.

Refer to your value proposition(s) frequently so that you keep your messaging on track as your app progresses from development to finished product, up through the launch. Use your value propositions(s) to support your advertising. This would include banner ads, email blasts, promotions, contests, and so on.

Guttiriy the app an youi phone is easy

• You can find it by searching for "AppBrain" in the Android market

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• Or scan the QR code below with the barcode scanner app

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