Cross Selling

Figure 16.2 The Shotgun app invites the user to purchase the paid version to avoid further ads.

Another way to cross-sell is to provide an announcement to purchase other apps within your app. You can provide a separate screen with your other apps to promote within the app your buyer already has. Also, some developers have formed consortiums to help each other sell their app. This is something you would have to arrange between fellow developers because Google does not provide a means to handle this type of transaction from the Android Market payment perspective. However, other means could be employed to track where a purchase originated from. See Chapter 17, "Using Android Analytics," for more information on using analytics to track sales of your apps.

Although not available yet, the Android should enable in-app cross-selling for the developer so their developers can sell more apps. Anywhere that you can post text about your app you should be thinking about cross-selling opportunities. In other words, you have an opportunity to cross-sell on your product website, the Android Market, and the Android device. The biggest factors in influencing the success of the cross-sell will be price and reputation. If your app or brand has established a good reputation, it will also be easier to cross-sell a buyer on additional functionality or add-ons. Always be thinking about how you can market to your existing customers. It's far easier to sell to them than it is to get a new customer. Here are some other ideas to consider as you cross-sell your app:

• Cross-sell on your product website and within the Android Market.

Use some space on your Android Market text to mention your other apps. At the bottom of your text you can put a note for buyers to check out your other apps as well. Be sure to do the same thing on your website. For each product displayed be sure to show other app icons to the right or left of the screen displaying the other apps you have for sale.

The Android Market also helps you out with cross-selling by showcasing other apps you have for sale on the lower left side of your app's display. This is a big advantage that the Android Market provides to help you cross-sell or up-sell your customers on other apps you have written.

• Cross-sell to build your brand. If you are looking for a way to build your brand, you can always sell other items on your website, such as mugs, caps, and t-shirts with your company's logo or app's icon. Are you going to make tons of money doing this? No! But, you will help to build a following for your apps and establish your brand more firmly with your buyers and site visitors.

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