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Perhaps the most popular question asked concerning the marketing of an Android app is, How do I get my app in the top paid apps for my category? Developers know that if they can get their apps into the top paid apps, they are certain to see significant numbers of downloads and huge sales volume. This is an accurate assumption and was described as "hitting the grand slam" in the first chapter of this book. Being in the top category in app sales is the Holy Qrail for Android app developers.

The challenge, however, is unlocking the mystery of how to break into the top paid apps in sales volume, which by the way, requires at least a thousand downloads per day. There have been rumors that some companies have bought their own apps for a few days to get onto the list, thus creating momentum for their apps.

Although this is possible, it would be fairly expensive to achieve this feat and could only happen with a wealthy developer or large company. I don't recommend this approach.

There is no one single formula for breaking into the top paid (or top 50 or top 10 for that matter). This has been proven by different developers who have told their story of making it into the top paid through articles and blog posts over the past year. So, although I can't pinpoint an exact formula for success, I can give you some common elements that are part of the most successful apps. These things we know must happen to some degree in order to reach orbital velocity.

In this chapter, we will review the key elements of a successful app, which include pricing, promotions, positioning, and integration, to name a few. Doing all these well to the extent possible will increase your chances of building the next best-selling Android app.

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