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Another option companies can use is to develop an app that is an extension of an existing product or service. These types of apps typically provide a scaled-down version of the main web-based service. They often lack all the features of the original app because the app is new or because the original web service is much more complex than an Android app can support. These types of apps offer a lot of the functionality for traders, but not all of it. Complex option trades are currently not available in many mobile apps, but features that the majority of the audience needs are included.

Any company that offers computing on the Web, where users access a site for account information, placement of orders, or other online tasks, will want to look carefully at extending this functionality to an Android app. It will become vital to provide such apps as more and more users move to mobile technology to accomplish their daily activities. Companies that fail to recognize this trend in mobile technology will find themselves behind the curve and could be at a disadvantage from a competitive standpoint.

Providing a mobile app to extend your web-based technology is also about customer service. Your customers will be pleased when you provide technology that meets their needs and makes their lives easier. Your app can help you retain customers who might otherwise move to another bank, broker, or tool. You can bet your competitors will tout their app as an advantage to their solution over yours.

Some of the most popular apps that help extend functionality are discussed in the following sections. These are just a few examples of some of the most popular apps. Each of these apps requires a user to already have a login and password for his or her existing accounts. The apps are of no value to someone who doesn't already use the companies' products.

As you evaluate the following apps, look for how your product may benefit from an Android app. An app will help you extend access to your existing web-based tools. Your first version can provide just the essentials from your web-based app. Identify the key features that you believe must be in the Android app and determine if the cost of development is acceptable and the need is there for such an app. Be thinking about how your app can benefit customers and noncustomers alike.

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