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Provided you have the rights to a PC or Mac application, you can develop the application for the Android. Many successful games were originally developed from the success of PC- or Mac-based games. If you happen to like computer games, you can always check with the developer/publisher of that game to see if they would like to collaborate on building a similar game for the Android.

Always be careful of copyrighted games. Never duplicate an existing PC/Mac game for the Android without obtaining complete written permission from the owner of that game to build the app.

One of the most successful games in smartphone history—Bejeweled—is shown in Figure 2.11. The company already had a strong following from its successful computer game business and therefore had a natural progression to the Android app.

Games » Brain & Puzzle » Bejeweled

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Figure 2.11 Building a game from a successful PC/Mac game can help you achieve huge success.

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