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whether the service you intend to use can target very specific users interested in your app. The other large consideration is whether to give your app away for free and try to make money by generating ad revenue. A full discussion of this option can be found in Chapter 10, "Pricing Your App."

If you choose to use a company to advertise your app, always start off with a small test before going too far and spending too much money. Just like Google AdWords, you can set your budget low to test things out and evaluate your success.

In the next sections we take a look at a few of the major players in the mobile ad provider market.


AdMob is being acquired by Google. The following list runs down several important points about AdMob:

• AdMob offers pay-per-click (CPC) advertising on thousands of mobile websites and Android apps for Android developers. You decide how much to pay per click through AdMob's auction-based pricing system. The minimum amount to start an ad campaign is $50.

• AdMob allows you to target your ads to Android and iPod touch users only, so that you pay for clicks from users who can download your app. Your ads will appear on mobile websites and inside other Android apps. You can also target your ads to specific geographical locations. However, as mentioned earlier, be careful and do a small test. Just because someone has an Android or Android tablet does not mean that person is interested in your type of app.

• AdMob's free Download Tracking tool tells you how many downloads of your app were driven by each of your ads, helping you to optimize your ad spending.

• You can also choose to serve AdMob ads inside your app. You can use AdMob's Download Exchange—a free way to drive downloads of your app. When you show ads for other apps inside your app, free ads for your app are shown inside other apps.

• If you have more than one app, you can use AdMob House Ads to show ads for your app inside your other apps—another free way to cross-promote your apps.

• AdMob provides free, real-time reporting to help you monitor your campaigns, optimize performance, and manage costs.


Mobclix is another ad platform that provides analytics and monetization through advertising and distribution for application developers. The company provides a mobile ad exchange as well. App developers can use the Mobclix platform to choose from 20 ad networks, including Google AdSense for Android, Yahoo! Mobile Publishers, and many others. App developers sign up with their ad inventory and then ad networks bid for the spots on their apps.

Quattro Wireless

Quattro Wireless (recently acquired by Apple) is another leading global mobile advertising company that allows advertisers and publishers to reach their target audiences across mobile web, application, and video platforms. Its platform allows dynamic targeting technology to optimize every ad impression. However, Apple has announced the iAd advertising platform for the iPhone/iPad market. It is going to be a very closed solution for Apple advertising only.

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Destroying Adwords

Destroying Adwords

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