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3. Android SDK

JDK fll Eclipse Ft, Fl&iffi"^ KSc'ic^ Andriod (ft SDK, ^5fcfJ'?T Android JfJK tffkK. <,] ;vy: ffr I«] Jil; ¿J , ft $lj SDK T $c iffi ( com/sdk/1.5 rl/indcx.html), filial 2-13

{\. m 2-13 111 Hf y ft$|J, " I fji/ififills i!: 2009 <|r-4 J J Y|j fft" Download Android 1.5 SDK, Release 1". J-Windows f-"android-sdk-windows-1.5", fj_jf'iilfii. iUm 2-14

WiUri'lT WHI

3. SDK I.ircnsc from Google n I S-i-.i'-' »o *>>«■ Irrt* if »h: n Ii *rnr Ktsr"»«m1, <V>c<t» tri», /id'ii* nim-rtvlmive rnn» lo w -'.r «rl»l» • i I l'lqlfom

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HJ'-Uir.. , aOlUly, »laj.r rrd:si: itu'r. ircuq ile, teerst en»i ihi- 2&f. ji iu>y pe." ->f t.'ie ."[¡t. •j rix ci'en» it juirf-J I

|>ij vw ¡'ar< r.f KJi -min • !»-'■ : '- iin.frjrt or mrty iiihrr '>.«.r tu pari nf ihr itt »i»h other nflaiwf. nr 4i«»ril»J»» wv ■■>!'•

4 *J»r, rrpriH>- M r. *nJ »li-l r ib«jl; .ri u! • mvmif m uf Mir .1 F. iwr «nvrrwl m»lrly b-c «lir Irr«», .il liiat r.pen «UJ<e r.utiwiu-r l

.'•.«• Tau if.eer ih»T tore r.ature oi the J.'ft 'ha* oogle i v ,.. • . . • • . ...


arvei.per tnorold. i >

Download Android 1 5 SDK Release 1

WtotfiW» yAid^' WWWl! ?.<' lif 17&2633G6 ii>W

Utc9S/i|WH| .ir.ji..^ mr rM-* - ' l *». • ..Je'. a-inin ' : In i,»«

Download tn<* Android SDK

a SB 2-13 Andriod SDK m^ffi a® 2-14 SDK >«15»

J44' "I agree to the terms ofthe Android SDK License Agreement/', tf-ife "Download" F43c. I«J Eclipse -ff, »-liC

D:\unsetup\android-sdk-windovvs-l.5_rl Rjji F. Jl ^R tools HWifeXiSftii®ilPSJSSEfft PATH 'K f J'if ^ CMD 'iif I I, iuA android -h, ifflSWin Fi&MM'J^ SDK 'i^.bX^J:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>android -h


android [global options] action [action options]

Global options:

-s --silent Silent mode: only errors are printed out.

-v --verbose Verbose mode: errors, warnings and informational messages are printed.

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