What Is Java

Java is a language and a platform originated by Sun Microsystems. This section briefly describes this language and reveals what it means for Java to be a platform. To meet various needs, Sun organized Java into three main editions: Java SE, Java EE, and Java ME. This section also briefly explores each of these editions, along with Android.

NOTE: Java has an interesting history that dates back to December 1990. At that time, James Gosling, Patrick Naughton, and Mike Sheridan (all employees of Sun Microsystems) were given the task of figuring out the next major trend in computing. They concluded that one trend would involve the convergence of computing devices and intelligent consumer appliances. Thus was born the Green project.

The fruits of Green were Star7, a handheld wireless device featuring a five-inch color LCD screen, a SPARC processor, a sophisticated graphics capability, and a version of Unix; and Oak, a language developed by James Gosling for writing applications to run on Star7, and which he named after an oak tree growing outside of his office window at Sun. To avoid a conflict with another language of the same name, Dr. Gosling changed this language's name to Java.

Sun Microsystems subsequently evolved the Java language and platform until Oracle acquired Sun in early 2010. Check out http://java.sun.com/ for the latest Java news from Oracle.

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