Pausing and Resuming a Map Activity

Mobile applications have unique requirements, due mostly to the constrained resources available to execute applications. For now let's focus on MapActivities and talk about a way we can help save battery power. The good news is that Android makes it pretty easy.

In a mobile environment, battery life is everything, and if we're not the application that is currently being displayed, we want to do everything we can to minimize the power we consume. You recall from the discussion of the Android lifecycle (Chapter 1) that when an Activity (such as MicroJobs) starts another Activity (such as MicroJobsList) the new Activity takes over the screen, and the calling Activity gets pushed onto a stack of Activities that are waiting to run. At that time, Android calls the onPause() routine in the calling Activity so it can prepare itself to go into hibernation. At this point in (or just about any MapActivity that uses location updates), we want to turn off location updates. Doing so will at least save the cycles devoted to doing the update, and may allow the handset to save even more power by putting the location provider in a quiescent state.

When the called Activity (in our case, MicroJobsList) exits and the calling Activity is popped off the stack and takes control of the screen, the framework calls the onResume method in the calling Activity. In a MapActivity, we want to turn on location updates again when this method is invoked.

In MicroJobs, the onPause and onResume methods are straightforward: /**

* @see

^Override public void onPause() {



* @see */

@Override public void onResume() { super.onResume();


Note that if we'd had a compass rose as part of our MyLocationOverlay, we would have to disable and enable it as well. Otherwise, the system would be updating the direction of the compass rose even when it wasn't being displayed, thereby wasting cycles and battery power.

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