Downloading the MJAndroid Code

The MJAndroid application source code and project files are available from the O'Reilly website, at To download it to your development system, use a browser to navigate to the link given, and select "Download MJAndroid." Your operating system (Windows, Linux, or OS X) will ask you to confirm that you want the download to happen, and ask you where to put the downloaded files. It doesn't matter where you put the downloaded, compressed files, but you want to extract the uncompressed files into the directory that Eclipse uses as your default workspace, to make it easy to load the project. The default place is a folder called workspace under the eclipse directory that you created when you installed Eclipse. If you can't remember where that is, start Eclipse, go to File ^ Switch Workspace, and it will display the location of the current workspace directory. Expand the compressed files into that directory, and be sure "use directories" is checked in the decompression dialog, so the correct folders will be created and the files written to them.

To import the MJAndroid project into Eclipse, go to File ^ Import..., and you'll see a Select dialog list of possible import types. Click on "Existing Projects into Workspace," and use the Browse button to find the directory where you just expanded MJAndroid. Eclipse will import the project, and it should appear in the Project Explorer pane.

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