We'd like to thank Bill Dimmick, Brad O'Hearne, and Hycel Taylor for their thoughtful and careful reviews of this book under a high-pressure timeline.

Rick Rogers

Like anything worth doing, I suppose, this book ended up taking more time and effort than any of us planned in the beginning. I'd like to thank my coauthors and the great folks at O'Reilly for sticking with it and bringing the work to fruition, through all the twists and turns. I'd also like to thank my family and friends, who encouraged me all through the process, and lent an ear when I just needed to talk. Most especially, though, I want to dedicate the book to my wife, Susie, whose patience knows no bounds, and whose amazing attitude toward life is an enduring inspiration for me no matter what I'm doing.

John Lombardo

I would like to thank my wonderful wife, Dena, who kept life from interfering when I closed the office door to work on the book. I want to dedicate this book to my mother, Marguerite Megaris, who died suddenly in 2007. I gave her a copy of my first book, Embedded Linux (New Riders), back in 2001. She cracked it open to a page with some assembly code, looked at it for about 10 seconds, closed it, and said, "That's nice, dear." We had a good laugh over that. I'd also like to thank all the wonderful people at O'Reilly for all their hard work. I'd especially like to thank Andy Oram, who coddled and prodded us in just the right doses to keep the book humming along at a good clip.

Zigurd Mednieks

Thanks to Terry, Maija, and Charles for putting up with my schedule while I was writing, and to Andy Oram and my coauthors for letting me participate, and hopefully, contribute.

Blake Meike

I am very grateful to have been invited to work with such an amazing group of people. Thanks to Zigurd for suggesting it; Andy Oram for practically holding my pen; and Rick, John, and Isabel Kunkle for making those Thursday morning calls a pleasure. Thanks to Mike Morton for actually reading both the text and the code. Though it may seem obvious, thanks to the Google Android developers. Not bad guys. Not bad at all. Finally, love and thanks to my wife, Catherine, who never let me see any disappointment when I said, yet again, "Can't. Gotta work on the book this weekend." Yes, babe, let's do the bookcase now.

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