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The first thing you have to specify is the APK file you just signed and exported. Just choose the file and click the Upload button. You can proceed with uploading the rest of the assets in the meantime, as the APK will be uploaded in the background. Once uploaded, the APK is checked by the system and will report any errors to you on the same page.

You must also provide at least two screenshots of your application. They must be of a certain format (JPEG or PNG) and size (320xx480, 480x800, or 480x854). These will be shown when a user views the details of your application on the Android Market (on the device and on the official website at http://market.android.com).

Next you have to upload a 512x512, high-resolution PNG or JPEG of your application's icon. At the moment this is only used on the Android Market website when a user views your application there. Make it fancy.

The promo graphic (180x120, PNG or JPEG) and feature graphic (1024x500) are shown on the Android Market if your game is featured. Being featured is a huge deal, as it means that your application will be the first thing users see when the open up the Android Market on the device or website. Who gets featured is up to Google, and only they know on what they base this decision.

Finally, you can provide a link to a promotional YouTube video of your application. This will be shown on the Android Market website.

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