The Developer Console

Once your game is on the market you want to keep track of its status. How many people have downloaded it so far? Have there been crashes? What are the users saying? You can check all this in the developer console (see Figure 13-6).

For each of your published applications you can get a few pieces of information.

The overall rating of your game and the number of ratings

The comments by users (just click the "Comments" link for the respective application)

The number of times your application has been installed so far The number of active installs of your application Error reports

The error reports are of special interest to us. Figure 13-7 shows you the error reports I got for my game Newton.

Figure 13-7. Error reports overview

There have been a total of eight freezes and two crashes. Newton has been on the market for more than a year, so that's not bad. You can further drill down into the specific errors, of course. The error reporting feature of the developer console will provide you with detailed information about the crashes and freezes such as the device model the problem appeared on, full stack traces and so on. This can be of immense help when you're trying to figure out what's actually going wrong. Comments on the market won't help as much.

NOTE The error reporting is a device-side feature that is not supported on older Android versions. If you want to have full confidence that you are catching all problems, I suggest giving Acra a look as mentioned earlier.

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