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Part of the success of Android is its developer community, which gathers in various places around the Web. The most frequented site for developer exchange is the Android Developers group at This is the number one place to ask questions or seek help when you stumble across a seemingly unsolvable problem. The group is visited by all sorts of Android developers, from system programmers, to application developers, to game programmers. Occasionally, the Google engineers responsible for parts of Android also help out with valuable insights. Registration is free, and I highly recommend starting reading the group now! Apart from providing a place for you to ask questions, it's also a great place to search for already answered questions and solutions to problems. So, before asking a question, check whether it has been answered already.

Every developer community worth its salt has a mascot. Linux has Tux the penguin, GNU has its, well, gnu, and Mozilla Firefox has its trendy Web 2.0 fox. Android is no different and has selected a little green robot as its mascot of choice. Figure 1-2 shows you that little devil.

Figure 1-2. Android's nameless mascot

Although its choice of color may be disputable, this nameless little robot already starred in a couple of popular Android games. Its most notable appearance was in Replica Island, a free and open source platfom created by Google engineer Chris Pruett as a 20 percent project.

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