In this chapter, we implemented a complete game on top of our framework with all the bells and whistles (minus music). You learned why it makes sense to separate the model from the view and the controller, and you learned that we don't need to define our game world in terms of pixels. We could take this code and replace the rendering portions with OpenGL ES, making Mr. Nom go 3D. We could also spice up the current renderer by adding animations to Mr. Nom, adding in some color, adding new game mechanics, and so on. We have just scratched the surface of the possibilities, however.

Before continuing with the book, I suggest taking the game code and playing around with it. Add some new game modes, power-ups, and enemies—anything you can think of.

Once you come back, in the next chapter we'll beef up our knowledge of graphics programming to make our games look a bit fancier, and we'll also take the first steps into the third dimension!

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