Screens and Transitions

Since we have already implemented help screens and high-score screens twice, in Chapter 6's Mr. Nom and in Chapter 9's Super Jumper, we'll refrain from doing so for Droid Invaders; it's always the same principle, and a player should immediately know what to do once presented with the game screen, anyway. Instead, we'll add a settings screen that allows the player to select the type of input (multitouch or accelerometer) and disable or enable sound. Here's the list of screens of Droid Invaders:

■ A main screen with a logoand Play and Settings options.

■ A game screen that will immediately start with the game (no more ready signal!) and also handle paused states as well as display a "Game Over" text once the ship has no more lives.

■ A settings screen that displays three icons representing the configuration options (multitouch, accelerometer, and sound).

That's again very similar to what we had in the previous two games. Figure 12-4 shows all the screens and transitions.

Figure 12-4. Screens and transitions of Droid Invaders

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