Publishing Options

The Publishing Options panel lets you specify whether you want to copy-protect your application, its content rating, and the locations where you want to publish your game.

The copy-protection feature is pretty much useless as it can be easily circumnavigated by following a couple of guides on the Internet. Google is going to deprecate this type of copy-protection, which should prevent the user from copying your APK file from the device and offering it for free on the web. Instead, Google now offers an API to integrate a licensing service in your application. This service is supposed to make it harder for users to pirate your game. Evaluating this is a little bit out of scope of this book; I suggest heading over to the Android developer site if you are paranoid about pirates. As with many digital rights management (DRM) schemes there have been problems reported by users who can't run or install an app that uses the licensing service. Take this with a grain of salt, of course. It's the best option you have for DRM at the moment if you need it.

The content rating allows you to specify what your target audience is. There are guidelines for rating your own application, which you can find out about by clicking the Learn More link on the publishing page. Your application will be filtered by the market based on the content rating you give it. So evaluate carefully what's fitting for your game.

Finally you can choose the locations where your application will be available. Usually you want it to be available everywhere, of course. There might be scenarios where you might want to publish your application only in a selection of locations, possibly for legal reasons. Normally, that's nothing that would get in your way, though.

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