Plan of Attack

In Chapter 3 we laid out a very minimal and clean design for a game framework that abstracts away all the platform specifics and let's us concentrate on what we are here for: game development. We'll implement all these interfaces and abstract classes now, in a bottom-up fashion, from easiest to hardest. The interfaces of Chapter 3 are located in the package com.badlogic.androidgames.framework. We'll put our implementation in the package com.badlogic.androidgames.framework.impl, indicating that this holds the actual implementation of the framework for Android. We'll prefix all our interface implementations with Android so that we can distinguish them from the interfaces. Let's start off with the easiest part: file I/O.

The code of this and the next chapter will be merged into a single Eclipse project. For now, just create a new Android project in Eclipse following the steps in the last chapter. How you name your default activity at this point doesn't matter for now.

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