When we first tried to do continuous rendering, we did it the wrong way. Hogging the UI thread is unacceptable; we need a solution that does all the dirty work in a separate thread. Enter SurfaceView.

As the name gives away, the SurfaceView class is a View that handles a Surface, another class of the Android API. What is a Surface? It's an abstraction of a raw buffer that is used by the screen compositor for rendering that specific View. The screen compositor is the mastermind behind all rendering on Android, and is ultimately responsible for pushing all pixels to the GPU. The Surface can be hardware accelerated in some cases. We don't care that much about that fact, though. All we need to know is that it is a more direct way to render things to the screen.

Our goal is it to perform our rendering in a separate thread so that we do not hog the UI thread, which is busy with other things. The SurfaceView class provides us with a way to render to it from a thread other than the UI thread.

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