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Defining models like our cube in code is very cumbersome to say the least. A better way to create such models is to use special software that allows WYSIWYG creation of complex forms and objects. There's a plethora of software available for that task:

Blender, an open source project used in many game and movie productions. Very capable and flexible but also a little bit intimidating.

Wings3D, my weapon of choice and also open-source. I use it for simple low-poly (read: not many triangles) modeling of static objects. It's very simplistic but gets the job done.

3D Studio Max, one of the de facto standards in the industry. It's a commercial product but there are student versions available.

Maya, another industry favorite. It's also a commercial product but has some pricing options that might fit smaller purses.

That's just a selection of the more popular options out in the wild. Teaching you how to use one of these is well outside the scope of this book. However, no matter what software you use, at some point you will save your work to some kind of format. One such format is Wavefront OBJ, a very old plain-text format that can be easily parsed and translated to one of our Vertices3 instances.

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