Listing Details

In the Listing Details section you can specify the title (30 characters maximum) and the description of your app (4000 characters maximum) optionally [?]in multiple languages that will be shown to the users on the Android Market.

An additional 500 characters are available to notify users of recent changes in the latest version of your application. The promo text will be used if your application gets featured.

Next you have to specify your application's type and category. For each application type there's a range of categories you can choose from. For games you can specify Arcade & Action, Brain & Puzzle, Cards & Casino, Casual, and Racing and Sports Games. The categories are a bit of a bummer (racing is not a sport?) and don't seem to be well thought out. Here's hoping for some changes in the future.

Finally, you have to decide whether users have to pay for your game or not. This decision is final. Once you select one of the two options you can't change it unless you publish your game anew, with a different key. You'll lose any user reviews and you'll also alienate your users a little. Think about the route you want to go with your game. I won't give you tips on pricing your game, as that depends on a lot of factors. A price of US$0.99 seems to be the standard for most games, and users somewhat expect it. However, there's nothing keeping you from experimenting a little here.

If you sell your game make sure that you understand the legal issues involved in doing so.

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