Core Game Mechanics

I'd suggest you quickly install Abduction on your Android phone or look up videos of it on the Web. From this example we can condense the core game mechanics of our game, which will be called Super Jumper. Here are some details:

■ The protagonist is constantly jumping upward, moving from platform to platform. The game world spans multiple screens vertically.

■ Horizontal movement can be controlled by tilting the phone to the left or right.

■ When the protagonist leaves one of the horizontal screen boundaries, he reenters the screen on the opposite side.

■ Platforms can be static or moving horizontally.

■ Some platforms will be pulverized randomly when the protagonist hits them.

■ Along the way up, the protagonist can collect items to score points.

■ Besides coins, there are also springs on some platforms that will make the protagonist jump higher.

■ Evil forces populate the game world, moving horizontally. When our protagonist hits one of them, he dies and the game is over.

■ When our protagonist falls below the bottom edge of the screen, the game is over as well.

■ At the top of the level is some sort of goal. When the protagonist hits that goal, a new level begins.

While the list is longer than the one we created for Mr. Nom, it doesn't seem a lot more complex. Figure 9-1 shows an initial mock-up of the core principles. This time I went straight to Paint.NET for creating the mock-up. Let's come up with a backstory.

Figure 9-1. Our initial game mechanics mock-up, showing the protagonist, plaforms, coins, evil forces, and goal at the top of the level

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