Before We Begin

As always, we'll create a couple of simple example programs in this chapter. To do that we just create a new project and copy over all the source code of our framework we've developed so far.

As previous chapters we'll have a single test starter activity, which presents us the tests in form of a list. We'll call it GLAdvancedStarter and make it our default activity. Simply copy over the GL3DBasicsStarter and replace the class names of the tests. We also need to add each of the test activities to the manifest with a proper <activity> element.

Each of the tests will extend GLGame as usual; the actual code will be implemented as a GLScreen that we'll hook up with the GLGame instance. To conserve space I'll only present you with the relevant portions of the GLScreen implementations. All the tests and the starter activity reside in the package com.badlogic.androidgames.gladvanced Some of

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