Before We Begin

As always we'll write a couple of examples in this chapter. For this we'll follow the same route as before, by having a starter activity showing us a list of examples. We'll reuse all of the framework we created over the last couple of chapters, including the GLGame, GLScreen, Texture, and Vertices classes.

The starter activity of this chapter is called GL3DBasicsStarter. We can reuse the code of the GLBasicsStarter from Chapter 6, and just change the package name for the example classes we are going to run to com.badlogic.androidgames.gl3d. We also have to add each of the tests to the manifest in the form of <activity> elements again. All our tests will be run in fixed landscape orientation, which we will specify per <activity> element.

Each of the tests is an instance of the GLGame abstract class, and the actual test logic is implemented in the form of a GLScreen contained in the GLGame implementation of the test, as in previous chapters. I will only present the relevant portions of the GLScreen to conserve some pages. The naming conventions are again XXXTest and XXXScreen for the GLGame and GLScreen implementation of each test.

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