An Android Game Development Framework

We've been through four chapters already and haven't written a single line of game code. The reason I've put you through all this boring theory and let you implement silly little test programs is simple: if you want to write games, you have to know exactly what's going on. You can't just copy and paste together code from all over the Web and hope that it will magically form the next first-person shooter hit. You should now have a firm grasp on how to design a simple game from the ground up, how to structure a nice API for 2D game development, and which Android APIs provide the functionality to implement your ideas.

To make Mr. Nom a reality, we have to do two things: implement the game framework interfaces and classes we designed in Chapter 3, and based on that, code up the game mechanics of Mr. Nom. Let's start with the game framework by merging what we designed in Chapter 3 with what we discussed in Chapter 4. Ninety percent of the code should be familiar to you already, since we did most of it in the tests in the last chapter.

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