Backstory and Art Style

We'll call the game Droid Invaders in reference to Android and Space Invaders. That's cheap, but we don't plan on producing an AAA title for now. In the tradition of classic shooters like Doom, the backstory will be minimal. It goes like this:

Invaders from outer space attack Earth. You are the sole person capable of fending off the evil forces.

That was good enough for Doom and Quake, so it's good enough for Droid Invaders as well.

The art style will be a little retro when it comes to the GUI, using the same old-fashioned font we used in Chapter 9 for Super Jumper. The game world itself will be displayed in fancy 3D with textured and lighted 3D models. Figure 12-3 shows what the game screen will look like.

Figure 12-3. The Droid Invaders mockup. Fancy!

The music will be a rock/metal mixture, and sound effects will match the scenario.

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