Remote Procedure Call RPC

Struktur Organisasi Kursus

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Stub Wf^ol^^ifflJt-tintfto

• ^iiffiW^^^S onServiceConnected()fP onServiceDisconnected()^fe,^#

• onBind()^fe^$S®^#i§^g, S INTENT g.WJMS^t Stub i^W^^o

• android iffl^^W onServiceConnected()^fe,## t IBinder

• ii^ii^ Designing a Remote Interface Using AIDL

S^ PRC ^fSW IBinder

As an activity transitions from state to state, it is notified of the change by calls to the following protected methods:

void onCreate(Bundle savedlnstanceState)

void onStart()

void onRestart()

void onResume()

void onPause()

void onStop()

void onDestroy()

^sm^M^ffl^ kill kill z.m, onSaveInstanceState()^^o^E^, £ 7 Bundle ft, Bundle onCreate () fPiffl onStart()


mWft&^Mo onSaveInstanceState()fP onRestoreInstanceStateO&Mt^£#P^££^^$IMffiW^£o^£:


• f^W^W onCreate(), onStart(), onResumeO^£?$MS^iffl

Context.startServiceQ^i, Context.stopServiceO^io fe^^ilffl

Service.stopSelf()^# Service.stopSelfResult()^^^#± SB.KHiffl—^o

S,ffflatiSiftfflatI#o Context.bindService()^^,^ffl^ffl bindServiceO£l^S&^£tJi#o

HWMftJi^yi^ffflo void onCreate()

void onStart(Intent intent)

void onDestroy()

onCreate() onDestroyOMt^£^oM^W^ftfWJ£^ onStartQ^ intent startService()^£o intent onCreate()fP onDestroyOMt^£?$^WWB#iIffl, Context.startServiceO^i®

£ Context.bindServiceO^£frJ®WB#, onStartO^£iPRt£?$iIffl startServiceQ^frJ

rmmtomi&^mm void onReceive(Context curContext, Intent broadcastMsg)

^—trS^IJlJ&ft, android iffltW onReceive() intent MMWM^to g

User Interface

£ Android View ft viewGroup M^&^Wo

View W^-77^ widgets UI M^oM ViewGroup ^ layouts

Mo view mm

Activity ^ffl setContentView()^^^M^ VIEWo^^^^MW VIEW MTREEo

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