Using Android 3D Graphics with OpenGL ES 367


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Working with OpenGL ES 367

Leveraging OpenGL ES in Android 368 Ensuring Device Compatibility 368 Using OpenGL ES APIs in the Android SDK 369 Handling OpenGL ES Tasks Manually 369 Creating a SurfaceView 370 Starting Your OpenGL ES Thread 371 Initializing EGL 373 Initializing GL 374 Drawing on the Screen 375 Drawing 3D Objects 376 Drawing Your Vertices 376 Coloring Your Vertices 377 Drawing More Complex Objects 378 Lighting Your Scene 379 Texturing Your Objects 381 Interacting with Android Views and Events 383

Enabling the OpenGL Thread to Talk to the Application Thread 384

Enabling the Application Thread to Talk to the OpenGL Thread 386 Cleaning Up OpenGL ES 387 Using GLSurfaceView (Easy OpenGL ES) 388 Using OpenGL ES 2.0 391

Configuring Your Application for OpenGL ES 2.0 391 Requesting an OpenGL ES 2.0 Surface 391 Summary 395

References and More Information 396

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