Specifying the Maximum SDK Version

You will rarely want to specify the maxSdkVersion attribute for your application. This value represents the highest Android SDK version your application supports, in terms of API level. It restricts forward-compatibility of your application.

One reason you might want to set this attribute is if you want to limit who can install the application to exclude devices with the newest SDKs. For example, you might develop a free beta version of your application with plans for a paid version for the newest SDK. By setting the maxSdkVersion attribute of the manifest file for your free application, you disallow anyone with the newest SDK to install the free version of the applica-tion.The downside of this idea? If your users have phones that receive over-the-air SDK updates, your application would cease to work (and appear) on phones where it had functioned perfectly, which might "upset" your users and result in bad ratings on your market of choice.

The short answer: Use maxSdkVersion only when absolutely necessary and when you understand the risks associated with its use.

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