Rich Secure Application Integration

Recall from the bat story I previously shared that I accessed a variety of phone applications in the course of a few moments: text messaging, phone dialer, camera, email, picture messaging, and the browser. Each was a separate application running on the phone— some built-in and some purchased. Each had its own unique user interface. None were truly integrated.

Not so with Android. One of the Android platform's most compelling and innovative features is well-designed application integration. Android provides all the tools necessary to build a better "bat trap," if you will, by allowing developers to write applications that seamlessly leverage core functionality such as web browsing, mapping, contact management, and messaging. Applications can also become content providers and share their data among each other in a secure fashion.

Platforms such as Symbian have suffered from setbacks due to malware.Android's vigorous application security model helps protect the user and the system from malicious software.

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