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A local copy of the Android documentation is provided in the /docs subfolder on disk (as shown in Figure 2.3).

The documentation is now divided into seven main sections:

■ The Home tab is your general starting point within the Android documentation. Here you find developer announcements and important links to the latest hot topics in Android development.

■ The SDK tab provides information about the different Android SDK versions available, as well as information about the Android Native Development Kit (NDK).You find the Android SDK release notes here as well.

Figure 2.3 The Android SDK documentation.

■ The Dev Guide tab introduces the Android platform and covers best practices for Android application design and development, as well as information about publishing applications.

■ The Reference tab provides a drill-down listing of the Android APIs with detailed coverage of specific classes and interfaces.

■ The Resources tab provides access to Android technical articles and tutorials. Here you also find links to the Android community online (groups, mailing list, and official Twitter feed), as well as the sample applications provided along with the Android SDK.

■ The Videos tab provides access to online videos pertaining to Android development, including videos about the platform, developer tips, Android development sessions from the annual Google I/O conference, and developer sandbox interviews.

■ The Blog tab provides access to the online blog published by the Android development team. Here you find announcements about SDK releases, helpful development tips, and notices of upcoming Android events.

The Android documentation is provided in HTML format locally and online at Certain networked features of the Android documentation (such as the Blog and Video tabs) are only available online.

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