Performing Application Tasks with Activities


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The Android Activity class ( is core to any Android application. Much of the time, you define and implement an Activity class for each screen in your application. For example, a simple game application might have the following five Activities, as shown in Figure 4.1:

■ A Startup or Splash screen: This activity serves as the primary entry point to the application. It displays the application name and version information and transitions to the Main menu after a short interval.

■ A Main Menu screen: This activity acts as a switch to drive the user to the core Activities of the application. Here the users must choose what they want to do within the application.

■ A Game Play screen: This activity is where the core game play occurs.

■ A High Scores screen: This activity might display game scores or settings.

■ A Help/About screen: This activity might display the information the user might need to play the game.

Figure 4.1 A simple game with five activities.

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