Mobile Operators Delivering the Android Experience

After you have the phones, you have to get them out to the users. Mobile operators from North, South, and Central America; Europe,Asia, India,Australia,Africa, and the Middle East have joined the OHA, ensuring a worldwide market for the Android movement. With almost half a billion subscribers alone, telephony giant China Mobile is a founding member of the alliance.

Much of Android's success is also due to the fact that many Android handsets don't come with the traditional "smartphone price tag"—quite a few are offered free with activation by carriers. Competitors such as the Apple iPhone have no such offering as of yet. For the first time, the average Jane or Joe can afford a feature-full phone. I've lost count of the number of times I've had a waitress, hotel night manager, or grocery store checkout person tell me that they just got an Android phone and it has changed their life.This phenomenon has only added to the Android's rising underdog status.

In the United States, the Android platform was given a healthy dose of help from carriers such as Verizon, who launched a $100 million dollar campaign for the first Droid handset. Many other Droid-style phones have followed from other carriers. Sprint recently launched the Evo 4G (America's first 4G phone) to much fanfare and record one-day sales (

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