Managing Application Resources

What Are Resources? 97

Storing Application Resources 97 Understanding the Resource Directory Hierarchy 97 Resource Value Types 99 Storing Different Resource Value Types 101 Accessing Resources Programmatically 103 Setting Simple Resource Values Using Eclipse 104 Working with Resources 107

Working with String Resources 107

Using String Resources as Format Strings 108

Working with String Arrays 109

Working with Boolean Resources 110

Working with Integer Resources 111

Working with Colors 111

Working with Dimensions 112

Working with Simple Drawables 113

Working with Images 114

Working with Animation 116

Working with Menus 119 Working with XML Files 120 Working with Raw Files 121 References to Resources 122 Working with Layouts 123 Working with Styles 127 Working with Themes 131 Referencing System Resources 131 Summary 132

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