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This book answers the following questions:

1. What is Android? How do the SDK versions differ?

2. How is Android different from other mobile technologies, and how can developers take advantage of these differences?

3. How do developers use the Eclipse Development Environment for Java to develop and debug Android applications on the emulator and handsets?

4. How are Android applications structured?

5. How do developers design robust user interfaces for mobile‚ÄĒspecifically, for Android?

6. What capabilities does the Android SDK have and how can developers use them?

7. How does the mobile development process differ from traditional desktop development?

8. What development strategies work best for Android development?

9. What do managers, developers, and testers need to look for when planning, developing, and testing a mobile development application?

10. How do mobile teams design bulletproof Android applications for publication?

11. How do mobile teams package Android applications for deployment?

12. How do mobile teams make money from Android applications?

13. And, finally, what is new in the second edition of the book?

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