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A Brief History of Mobile Software Development 7 Way Back When 7 "The Brick" 9

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) 11 Proprietary Mobile Platforms 13 The Open Handset Alliance 15 Google Goes Wireless 15 Forming the Open Handset Alliance 15 Manufacturers: Designing the Android Handsets 16 Mobile Operators: Delivering the Android Experience 17

Content Providers: Developing Android Applications 17

Taking Advantage of All Android Has to Offer 18 Android Platform Differences 18

Android: A Next-Generation Platform 18

Free and Open Source 20

Familiar and Inexpensive Development Tools 20

Reasonable Learning Curve for Developers 20

Enabling Development of Powerful Applications 21

Rich, Secure Application Integration 21

No Costly Obstacles to Publication 21

Book 4

A "Free Market" for Applications 22 A New and Growing Platform 22 The Android Platform 23

Android's Underlying Architecture 23 Security and Permissions 25 Developing Android Applications 26 Summary 28

References and More Information 28

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