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The Android SDK provides many tools to design, develop, debug, and deploy your Android applications.The Eclipse Plug-In incorporates many of these tools seamlessly into your development environment and provides various wizards for creating and debugging Android projects.

Settings for the ADT plug-in are found in Eclipse under Window, Preferences, Android. Here you can set the disk location where you installed the Android SDK and tools, as well as numerous other build and debugging settings.

The ADT plug-in adds a number of useful functions to the default Eclipse IDE. Several new buttons are available on the toolbar, including buttons to

■ Launch the Android SDK and AVD Manager

■ Create a new project using the Android Project Wizard

■ Create a new test project using the Android Project Wizard

■ Create a new Android XML resource file

These features are accessible through the Eclipse toolbar buttons shown in Figure 2.4.

Figure 2.4 Android features added to the Eclipse toolbar.

There is also a special Eclipse perspective for debugging Android applications called DDMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor Server).You can switch to this perspective within Eclipse by choosing Window, Open Perspective, DDMS or by changing to the DDMS perspective in the top-right corner of the screen.We talk more about DDMS later in this chapter. After you have designed an Android application, you can also use the ADT plug-in for Eclipse to launch a wizard to package and sign your Android application for publication. We talk more about this in Chapter 29,"Selling Your Android Application."

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