Exploring User Interface Screen Elements 133

Introducing Android Views and Layouts 133 Introducing the Android View 133 Introducing the Android Control 133 Introducing the Android Layout 134 Displaying Text to Users with TextView 134 Configuring Layout and Sizing 135 Creating Contextual Links in Text 136 Retrieving Data from Users 137

Retrieving Text Input Using EditText Controls 138 Giving Users Input Choices Using Spinner Controls 142

Using Buttons, Check Boxes, and Radio Groups 144 Using Basic Buttons 144 Using Check Boxes and Toggle Buttons 146 Using RadioGroups and RadioButtons 147 Getting Dates and Times from Users 150 Using Indicators to Display Data to Users 151 Indicating Progress with ProgressBar 151 Adjusting Progress with SeekBar 153

Displaying Rating Data with RatingBar 154 Showing Time Passage with the Chronometer 155 Displaying the Time 156 Providing Users with Options and Context Menus 157 Enabling the Options Menu 157 Enabling the ContextMenu 159

Handling User Events 161

Listening for Touch Mode Changes 161 Listening for Events on the Entire Screen 162 Listening for Long Clicks 163 Listening for Focus Changes 164 Working with Dialogs 165

Exploring the Different Types of Dialogs 165 Tracing the Lifecycle of a Dialog 166 Working with Custom Dialogs 168 Working with Styles 168 Working with Themes 170 Summary 171

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