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In addition to configuring your application's identity, the Android manifest file is also used to specify any system requirements necessary for the application to run properly. For example, an augmented reality application might require that the handset have GPS, a compass, and a camera. Similarly, an application that relies upon the Bluetooth APIs available within the Android SDK requires a handset with an SDK version of API Level 5 or higher (Android 2.0).These types of system requirements can be defined and enforced in the Android manifest file. Then, when an application is listed on the Android Market, applications can be filtered by these types of information; the Android platform also checks these requirements when installing the application package on the system and errors out if necessary.

Some of the application system requirements that developers can configure through the Android manifest file include

■ The Android SDK versions supported by the application

■ The Android platform features used by the application

■ The Android hardware configurations required by the application

■ The screen sizes and pixel densities supported by the application

■ Any external libraries that the application links to

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