The SQLite Quick Start Guide 669

Exploring Common Tasks with SQLite 669 Using the sqlite3 Command-Line Interface 670 Launching the ADB Shell 670 Connecting to a SQLite Database 670 Exploring Your Database 671 Importing and Exporting the Database and Its Data 672 Executing SQL Commands on the Command Line 674

Using Other sqlite3 Commands 675 Understanding SQLite Limitations 675 Learning by Example: A Student Grade Database 675 Designing the Student Grade Database Schema 676 Creating Simple Tables with AUTOINCREMENT 676 Inserting Data into Tables 677 Querying Tables for Results with SELECT 677 Using Foreign Keys and Composite Primary Keys 678 Altering and Updating Data in Tables 679 Querying Multiple Tables Using JOIN 680 Using Calculated Columns 680 Using Subqueries for Calculated Columns 682 Deleting Tables 682

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