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The next step is to create an AVD that describes what type of device you want to emulate when running the application. For this example, we can use the AVD we created for the Snake application. An AVD describes a device, not an application. Therefore, you can use the same AVD for multiple applications.You can also create similar AVDs with the same configuration, but different data (such as different applications installed and different SD card contents).


Again, for more information on creating different types of AVDs and working with the Android emulator, check out Appendix A, "The Android Emulator Quick-Start Guide."

Table 3.1 Important Android Project Files and Directories

Android File

General Description


Global application description file. It defines

your application's capabilities and permis

sions and how it runs.

Automatically created project file. It defines

your application's build target and other build

system options, as required.

src Folder

Required folder where all source code for the

application resides.


Core source file that defines the entry point


of your Android application.

gen Folder

Required folder where auto-generated re

source files for the application reside.


Application resource management source file


generated for you; it should not be edited.

res Folder

Required folder where all application re

sources are managed. Application resources

include animations, drawable image assets,

layout files, XML files, data resources such

as strings, and raw files.


Resource folders that store different resolu

tions of the application icon.


Single screen layout file.


Application string resources.

assets Folder

Folder where all application assets are

stored. Application assets are pieces of ap

plication data (files, directories) that you do

not want managed as application resources.

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