Creating an Android Virtual Device AVD for Your Snake Project

The next step is to create an AVD that describes what type of device you want to emulate when running the Snake application.This AVD profile describes what type of device you want the emulator to simulate, including which Android platform to support.You can specify different screen sizes and orientations, and you can specify whether the emulator has an SD card and, if it does, what capacity the card is.


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Figure 3.2 The Snake project details.

Figure 3.3 The Snake project files.

For the purposes of this example, an AVD for the default installation of Android 2.2 suffices. Here are the steps to create a basic AVD:

1. Launch the Android Virtual Device Manager from within Eclipse by clicking the little Android icon with the downward arrow T| on the toolbar. If you cannot find the icon, you can also launch the manager through the Window menu of Eclipse.

2. On the Virtual Devices menu, click the New button.

3. Choose a name for your AVD. Because we are going to take all the defaults, give this AVD a name of Android_Vanilla2.2.

4. Choose a build target.We want a basic Android 2.2 device, so choose Android 2.2 from the drop-down menu.

5. Choose an SD card capacity. This can be in kilobytes or megabytes and takes up space on your hard drive. Choose something reasonable, such as 1 gigabyte (1024M). If you're low on drive space or you know you won't need to test external storage to the SD card, you can use a much smaller value, such as 64 megabytes.

6. Choose a skin.This option controls the different resolutions of the emulator. In this case, use the WVGA800 screen.This skin most directly correlates to the popular Android handsets, such as the HTC Nexus One and the Evo 4G, both of which are currently sitting on my desk.

Your project settings will look like Figure 3.4.

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