Creating a Launch Configuration for Your Snake Project

Next, you must create a launch configuration in Eclipse to configure under what circumstances the Snake application builds and launches. The launch configuration is where you configure the emulator options to use and the entry point for your application.

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Figure 3.4 Creating a new AVD in Eclipse.

You can create Run Configurations and Debug Configurations separately, each with different options.These configurations are created under the Run menu in Eclipse (Run, Run Configurations and Run, Debug Configurations).

Follow these steps to create a basic Run Configuration for the Snake application:

1. Choose Run, Run Configurations (or right-click the Project and choose Run As).

2. Double-click Android Application.

3. Name your Run Configuration SnakeRunConfiguration (see Figure 3.5).

4. Choose the project by clicking the Browse button and choosing the Snake project.

5. Switch to the Target tab and, from the preferred AVD list, choose the Android_Vanilla2.2 AVD created earlier, as shown in Figure 3.5.

You can set other options on the Target and Common tabs, but for now we are leaving the defaults as they are.

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