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Introduction 1

I: An Overview of Android

1 Introducing Android 7

2 Setting Up Your Android Development Environment 29

3 Writing Your First Android Application 43

II: Android Application Design Essentials

4 Understanding the Anatomy of an Android Application 69

5 Defining Your Application Using the Android Manifest File 81

6 Managing Application Resources 97

III: Android User Interface Design Essentials

7 Exploring User Interface Screen Elements 133

8 Designing User Interfaces with Layouts 173

9 Drawing and Working with Animation 205

IV: Using Common Android APIs

10 Using Android Data and Storage APIs 231

11 Sharing Data Between Applications with Content Providers 259

12 Using Android Networking APIs 287

13 Using Android Web APIs 301

14 Using Location-Based Services (LBS) APIs 315

15 Using Android Multimedia APIs 335

16 Using Android Telephony APIs 353

17 Using Android 3D Graphics with OpenGL ES 367

18 Using the Android NDK 397

19 Using Android's Optional Hardware APIs 407

V: More Android Application Design Principles

20 Working with Notifications 423

21 Working with Services 437

22 Extending Android Application Reach 451

23 Managing User Accounts and Synchronizing User Data 489

24 Handling Advanced User Input 499

25 Targeting Different Device Configurations and Languages 523

VI: Deploying Your Android Application to the World

26 The Mobile Software Development Process 551

27 Designing and Developing Bulletproof Android Applications 571

28 Testing Android Applications 585

29 Selling Your Android Application 597

VII: Appendixes

A The Android Emulator Quick-Start Guide 613 B The Android DDMS Quick-Start Guide 635 C The Android Debug Bridge Quick-Start Guide 647 D Eclipse IDE Tips and Tricks 661 E The SQLite Quick-Start Guide 669 Index 683

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