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When users have Android handsets, they need those killer apps, right?

Google has led the pack, developing Android applications, many of which, such as the email client and web browser, are core features of the platform. OHA members are also working on Android application integration. eBay, for example, is working on integration with its online auctions.

The first ADC received 1,788 submissions, with the second ADC being voted upon by 26,000 Android users to pick a final 200 applications that would be judged professionally—all newly developed Android games, productivity helpers, and a slew of location-based services (LBS) applications.We also saw humanitarian, social networking, and mash-up apps. Many of these applications have debuted with users through the Android Market—Google's software distribution mechanism for Android. For now, these challenges are over.The results, though, are still impressive.

For those working on the Android platform from the beginning, handsets couldn't come fast enough.The T-Mobile G1 was the first commercial Android device on the market, but it had the air of a developer pre-release handset. Subsequent Android handsets have had much more impressive hardware, allowing developers to dive in and design awesome new applications.

As of October 2010, there are more than 80,000 applications available in the Android Market, which is growing rapidly. This takes into account only applications published through this one marketplace—not the many other applications sold individually or on other markets.This also does not take into account that, as of Android 2.2, Flash applications can run on Android handsets.This opens up even more application choices for Android users and more opportunities for Android developers.

There are now more than 180,000 Android developers writing interesting and exciting applications. By the time you finish reading this book, you will be adding your expertise to this number.

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